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"The purpose of Waving The Flag is to encourage more people to travel to support and express their pride in Australia, and the game of cricket in a fashion that does not isolate from the cultural or sporting influences that make each cricket tour unique, whilst promoting and maintaining positive social and sporting relations between us and the countries we visit.

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Welcome to 'The Flag',

The Flag (as it is endeared) was raised in 2001 by myself (Luke Gillian), and Darren Moulds (retired), after 6-years following Australian Cricket to all test nations of the world, and created to provide a relaxed and affordable touring alternative to the high priced, ex-test cricketer hosted formal tours.

Our tours are renowned for being fun and affordable, and simplify touring for those uncomfortable with independent travel, wanting the burden of basic organization removed, or wish to be with a like-minded group. To make you comfortable and confident with your decision to Flag, our tours are designed to detail our knowledge and passion for the game and destination.

Before each tour, The Flag extensively travels each region to collect the most up to date information relating to hotels, transport, dining, entertainment, and venue access. No matter how often we tour a nation, things change, so we revisit to make sure we still know where you're going before sharing our experiences with a hands on approach to ensure you take home more than just a suntan.

Importantly, The Flag does not discourage any age group from touring. Our tours focus on providing the essentials for a high value 'Australian Cricket Tour' for everyone, and as much as we visually and vocally support Australia, win or lose, we conversely remain spirited to applaud the opposition and their effort to compete to the best of their abilities.

Such has our passionate involvement with cricket been former Australia Test Captain Steve Waugh asked me to write the prelude for his 1999 No Regrets tour diary. Steve also wrote of me in his in 2005 Autobiography, 'Out Of My Comfort Zone', and provided this priceless reference of support.

Having supported Australia over 200 Australian Test Matches, and the only Australian supporter to have seen Australia play in every Test country, plus the UAE and Holland, I look forward to welcoming you on tour with The Flag and sharing my unique cricket touring experiences with you.

"Keep Flagging!"

Luke (Sparrow)

At the India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony, 2013 Luke and Darren under the Baggy Green in Sri Lanka 2004, 2013

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Australia Flag The touring history of The Flag

1994 - Australia in South Africa (Darren's first tour)
1995 - Australia in West Indies (Luke's first tour)
1996 - World Cup in India and Pakistan (when Luke & Darren met)
1997 - Australia in South Africa and England
1998 - Australia in Pakistan
1999 - World Cup (England), Australia in West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe, South Africa in Zimbabwe, England in South Africa
2000 - Australia in New Zealand
2001 - Australia in India and England
2002 - Australia in South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Sharjah, India in West Indies
2003 - World Cup (South Africa and Zimbabwe), Australia in West Indies
2004 - Australia in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and India, Sri Lanka in Zimbabwe
2005 - Australia in New Zealand and England, Sri Lanka in New Zealand, South Africa in West Indies
2006 - Australia in South Africa, and Bangladesh
2007 - ON HOLIDAY, with 25 months between Australian overseas Test Matches
2008 - Australia in Pakistan (cancelled), West Indies, India
2009 - Australia in South Africa, England
2010 - Australia in New Zealand
2011 - World Cup (Sri Lanka), Australia in Sri Lanka
2012 - Australia in the West Indies
2013 - Australia in India, and England
2014 - Australia in South Africa, and UAE (October 2014)
2015 - Australia in the West Indies, England, and Bangladesh (cancelled)
2016 - Australia in New Zealand and Sri Lanka
2017 - Australia in India and Bangladesh
2018 - Australia in South Africa
2019 - Australia in England
2020 - Australia in Bangladesh

Australia Flag "Thank You for Flagging!"

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