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Dominica Flag The '20 Years of Flagging' Tour of DYNAMIC DOMINICA

Bookings have Closed!

"If you still wish to tour, please contact us!!"
The following information is relevant to all bookings before April 30 when bookings closed.

TOUR DATES: June 1 - 8 (7 nights)
MATCHES: 1st Test Match
MATCH DATES: June 3 - 7
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1800pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2500 pp
Dominica Hotel: Anchorage Hotel

The Flag's Arrival Flight: June 1 on LIAT Flight LI362 @ 1055am from St Martin via Antigua

If joining us in Dominica ONLY, book your inbound flights to arrive on June 1 when your tour will start. Book your departure flight from June 8 onwards. No flights are included this tour. The best way to reach Dominica is fly into Antigua from the USA on June 1 no later than 2pm, and connect to LIAT.com at 4pm (approx).

Welcome to your '20 Years of Flagging' Tour of Dynamic Dominica'. Landing at 'Melville Hall' we will welcome you to the 'Nature Island' with the world's highest concentration of volcanoes and zip you through the Northern & Central Forest Reserves filled with dynamic waterfalls, hot springs, and Grandma's where we will stop for a spot of rum. Grandma has more than 100 different flavoured rums on the bamboo shelves, some of them actually worth drinking!

While other Flaggers arrive through the day, you can kick back at the hotel or stroll through the quaint capital of Roseau to get your bearings in this great little place. We will have an fantastic get together at the hotel this night and share the program of the following day's rainforest adventure to giant waterfalls, Titou Gorge, and Screws Sulphur Spa and Hot Springs.

The West Indies will host Australia at the Windsor Park, a short walk from our fantastic west coast hotel where we'll kick back for 7 hot evenings. One night will include The Flag's quiz show and 2 Flag dinner parties, but like all Tours our spontaneity will create something new after each day's play. If the match ends early, we can take a ferry to a neighbouring island for lunch in another country, go turtle spotting, or snorkel the nearby Champagne Reef. We are excited by our return to Dynamic Dominica to celebrate '20 Years of Flagging'!

OUR DEPARTURE FLIGHTS: No departure flight or return airport transfer is included if leaving the tour here

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