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"The purpose of Waving The Flag is to encourage more people to travel globally to support and express their pride in Australia and Australian Cricket in a fashion that does not isolate from the cultural or sporting influences that make each cricket tour unique, whilst promoting and maintaining positive social and sporting relations between Australia and the countries we visit."


THE 3RD TEST IS NOW IN DOMINICA NOT GUYANA!. Any reference to Guyana in the Tour Info or Tours should be interpeted as DOMINICA in location only.

West Indies Cricket Board Logo It's great to know you're keen to join The Flag on our Official and what will be a Superb 'Sugar Caned' Tour. The West Indies is the dream for most cricket tourists and choosing to tour with The Flag will be vindicated in the enjoyment and value you will receive from the moment you hit the islands.

Turqoise waters, lavish beaches, brilliant parties, relaxed lifestyles, sumptuous foods, moorish rum, and sublime people are the foundation of a cracking time married with West Indian life at the great game.

You're just a few clicks from Flagging from 7 to 46 nights on this ultimate 'Sugar Caned' Tour but please ensure you have read our Tour Info and other relevant information linked throughout this page to understand not only what's included in your tour, but importantly what isn't, such as flights!

To join our LAND ONLY 'Sugar Caned' Tour of the West Indies (twin sharing) we will ask you for:

Jamaica Flag Aud$1690 for YOUR First Tour (ODI/T20 or ANY Test Match)
Guyana Flag Aud$1590 for YOUR Second Tour (ODI/T20 or ANY Test Match)
Grenada Flag Aud$1490 for YOUR Third Tour (what will be YOUR 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Test Match)
Antigua & Barbuda Flag Aud$1390 for YOUR Fourth Tour (what will be YOUR 2nd or 3rd Test Match)
Trinidad & Tobago Flag Aud$1290 for YOUR Fifth Tour (what can only be YOUR 3rd Test Match)
Jamaica Flag Aud$590 for THE 2nd T20 Tour in Barbados (3nights only)
Guyana Flag Aud$990 for THE 5-night St Martin/Maarten add-on Tour

Jamaica Flag Aud$9030 for YOUR complete 46 night Tour (per person twin share)

St Kitts & Nevis Flag Single supplement is Aud$560 Per Person, per ODI/T20 Tour Option
St Vincent & the Grenadines Flag Single supplement is Aud$640 Per Person, per Test Tour Option
Barbados Flag Single supplement is Aud$240 Per Person, per 2nd T20 Tour Option
Grenada Flag Single supplement is Aud$500 Per Person, per St Martin/Maarten Tour Option
Antigua & Barbuda Flag Extra nights are Aud$100 Per Person Twin Share
Trinidad & Tobago Flag Extra nights are Aud$160 Per Person Single*

*If spending an extra night alone, even if Flagging 'twin share', you will be charged $160

Jamaica Flag ALL TOURS ARE LAND ONLY! No flights are included in any tour option.
Antigua & Barbuda Flag General flight information is listed in the Tour Info
Antigua & Barbuda Flag The inter-island flights you may wish to book are listed on each tour option below.

And just to remind you, for your hard earned money we're happy to provide -

Airport 'Meet & Greet' on each island
Airport to hotel transfer on each island
7 or 8 nights in a 3 Star Hotel (twin share) per tour option
Daily Breakfast
Match Tickets for each day of selected tour
Transfers to & from each day's play (except Trinidad)
Two tour dinner parties per Test Tour
1 - Australia Flag & pole
3 - Bent Banani Floral Shirts
Services of experienced Flaggers 24 / 7
And heaps more as listed in our Tour Info

Testimonial from Nicole Amelsvoort -

"As a solo female traveller, my first Flag experience was far from intimidating with a large percentage of the group female, many also travelling solo. I found that many on tour had flagged before and those first timers like myself had been welcomed into this ever expanding family!" Read more...

The following Sugar Caned Tours are priced as if you are doing one tour only. Simply book to join us at one, some, or all seven tours and your tour will be confirmed using the above price scale. If you have any queries regarding the cost of your tour, please contact The Flag. Many thanks. Sparrow

St Vincent and the Grenadines Flag The SPARROW's 'Sugar Caned' TOUR of VIBRANT ST VINCENT

TOUR DATES: March 14 - 21 (7 nights)
MATCHES: Three One-Day Internationals
MATCH DATES: March 16, 18, 20
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1690 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2250 pp
HOTEL: BeachCombers Hotel

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: March 13 on LIAT Flight LI761 @ 0940am

Welcome to your (if you can believe it) 'Sparrow's Sugar Caned Tour of Vibrant St Vincent '. I had nothing to do with the naming, but believe it a very apt drop to start your 2012 West Indies Sugar Caned Tour. As you have booked your own flights to suit, no matter what time you arrive we'll meet you at Kingstown's E.T. Joshua International Airport (unless the new one is open) buzz you around the airport, past the cricket ground, up the hill, and down the other side to our exceptional beachside hotel on the west coast less than 10mins from the baggage carousel.

You will be here for 7nights for 3 games of passionate one-day cricket at nearby Arnos Vale. We will have a couple of beachside dinners through the week and importantly thrill to a majestic snorkel and lunch cruise on the famed Tobago Cays. St Vincent is known for its lush mountainous rainforest and mighty Soufriere Volcano to which we will also include a day hike up and into the crater. St Vincent is subdued and tranquil but no less we will do everything we can to spice up your nightly entertertainment with as much 'Sparrow's Sugar Cane' as you care to pace yourself with.

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: March 21 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0715am to St Lucia

St Vincent & the Grenadines Flag Book the 'Sparrow's Sugar Caned' Tour of Vibrant St Vincent


TOUR DATES: March 21 - 28 (7 nights)
MATCHES: Two One-Day Internationals and One Twenty20
MATCH DATES: March 23, 25, 27
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1690 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2250 pp
HOTEL: Morgan Bay Beach Resort

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: March 21 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0745am from St Vincent

Welcome to your 'Chairman's Reserve Sugar Caned Tour of Luscious St Lucia', one of the Caribbean's quintessential destinations. Whatever time you have booked to lob we'll meet you at Vigie Airport* and rocket you just 2km north to Morgan Bay, and one of St Lucia's finest all inclusive resorts!

The Flag has just secured a phenomenal deal so you will receive 7 nights in this 5star resort inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND beverages, everyday! This is fantastic resort is normally US$2373pppn without a cricket tour, but I'm thrilled to say your St Lucia Cricket Tour with The Flag is still Aud$1690, inclusive of everything we offer. At Morgan Bay you can soak up the atmos and aqua of 4 freshwater pools, 4 restaurants, 5 bars, and white sandy beach for 7nights and 3 short-order games of cricket at pleasant Beausejour Stadium, just 6km from your pillow. I can't wait!!

St Lucia is filled with fantastic sights and we will get you to the best by sailing down the west coast past quiet fishing villages to the quaint former capital, and very French village of Soufriere and scintiallting views of the famous Pitons. Here we jump ship and drive 'into the Volcano' and sulphur springs, head to Toraille waterfall for a plunge before plunging into lunch and rum-punch. Sailing again, we'll swim in the sparkling waters of Anse Cochon before sailing for a sunset cruise to the resort and dinner.

We also have two dinner parties and three games of cricket which we will get you to and back, and leave a day in between to tee-up at the near-by golf-course (US$200+). St Lucia is scintillating and adrenalin filled as it is filled with tranquility and relaxation. We offer you all that we can in the short time we're there, with a pleasant under-coat of indulgent 'Chairman's Reserve Sugar Cane'.

*Vigie Airport in the north is where small inter-island flights (and from San Juan) land and where you want to be. Hewanorra, in the far south, takes the big jets. If you land in Hewanorra we may ask you to wait for other Flaggers to arrive as it is a 2hour drive north to your hotel.

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: March 28 on LIAT Flight LI771 @ 0650am to Barbados

AustraliaFlag Book the 'Chairman's Reserve Sugar Caned' Tour of Luscious St Lucia

Barbados Flag The COCKSPUR 'Sugar Caned' T20 TOUR of BARBADOS

TOUR DATES: March 28 - 31 (3nights)
MATCHES: 2nd T20 Only
TWIN SHARE: Aud$590 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$840 pp
HOTEL: Yellow Bird Hotel

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: March 28 on LIAT Flight LI771 @ 0735am from St Lucia

Welcome to your 'Cockspur Sugar Caned T20 Tour of Barbados'. If you're doing the whole tour (and you really should be), this 3 night tour will give you a taste of Barbados in readiness for the 1st Test 'Mount Gay Sugar Cane 1st Test Tour' in 9days time. Coming from St Lucia (or if you are arriving for the first time) we will get you from Grantley Adam's International Airport and into St Lawrence Gap for three hot nights as we seek to enjoy the 2nd T20. In 2008 the T20 was only an Eleven11 so we hope to go the whole distance this time with Barbados's finest Cockspur to 'keep you up all night'. And speaking of going the distance have a read below for how we will enjoy Barbados when there for 8 nights! Bring it on.

This is an add-on tour. If you book this tour as your ONLY Sugar Caned Tour, you will receive:

Barbados Flag Airport Transfer (pick up only)
Barbados Flag 3 nights in our St Lawrence Gap Hotel, B & B
Barbados Flag 1 - Tour Dinner the night before the game
Barbados Flag 1 - Match Ticket and Transfers
Barbados Flag A very brief but enjoyable Flag experience

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: March 31 on LIAT Flight LI721 @ 0610am to St Lucia
MY CONNECTING FLIGHT: March 31 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0805am St Lucia to St Martin

Barbados Flag Book the 'Cockspur Sugar Caned' Tour of Brilliant Barbados


TOUR DATES: March 31 - April 5 (5 nights)
TWIN SHARE: Aud$990 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$1490
HOTEL: Hotel Beach Plaza

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: March 31 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0930am from St Lucia

Welcome to your 'Guavaberry Sugar Caned Tour of Sparkling St Martin/Maarten', the gourmet and planespotting capital of the Caribbean. This add-on will have us entertained for 5nights on the world's smallest 'shared land mass' and very surprisingly instead of the 3-day Tour game in Barbados. This 'must do' Tour wil break our 16-scheduled days in Barbados (as great as Barbados is!).

Landing in Dutch St Maarten and living in French St Martin, aside planespotting while sunning our booties on Maho Beach at Princess Juliana Airport, we include one huge dinner in the dynamic BBQ shacks of Grand Case, and a day cruising to neighbouring Anguilla.

Otherwise enjoy incredible duty free and endless 'happy hours' in Phillipsburg (the Dutch side), indulge in the culinary wizardry of Marigot (the French side), dive or snorkel some of the Caribbean's finest waters (join us on Tobago Cays in St Vincent for the best), deepen the all-over tan on Orient Beach (both sides), or visit (optional) exclusive nearby islands of Saba, St Barts to help tick off 4 new countries with one trip! From blow your hair back airline arrivals to nudist beaches, over-indulgent happy hours to sumptuous a-la-carte restaurants, from cafe au lait to Dutch language faux pas, St Martin/Maarten, C'est Lekker (It's good! I mean, really good!)!

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: April 5 on LIAT Flight LI521 @ 0805am to Barbados (via Antigua)
**LIAT Flight LI521 @ 0735am routes via St Kitts & then Antigua where you change to my LI521**

Trinidad & Tobago Flag Book the 'Guavaberry Sugar Caned' Tour of Sparkling St Martin

Barbados Flag The MOUNT GAY 'Sugar Caned' TOUR of BRILLIANT BARBADOS

TOUR DATES: April 5 - 13 (8nights)
MATCHES: 1st Test Match
MATCH DATES: April 7 - 11
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1690 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2330 pp
HOTEL: Yellow Bird Hotel
HOTEL: South Gap Hotel

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: April 5 on LIAT Flight LI521 @ 1105am from St Martin/Antigua

Welcome to your 'Mount Gay Sugar Caned Tour of Brilliant Barbados'. As you have booked your own flights to suit, no matter what time you arrive we'll meet you at Bridgetown's Grantley Adam's International Airport with a warm welcome & refreshing beverage and transfer you to our exceptional hotels in the heart of St Lawrence Gap, the south coast hot spot for restaurants, nightlife and parties (although there are plenty of quiet times and places of escape for those less nocturnal, so to speak).

You will be here for 8nights with breakfast included to base yourself for 5 day cracking days at famed Kensington Oval. We will transfer you each day to the cricket, you just have to get up, alas. Down the road is the Barbados Golf Club if you feel like teeing up, if not flapping about on Dover Beach. Nightly entertertainment will be organised, as will your post match party cruise which includes as much 'Mount Gay Sugar Cane' as you can stomach.

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: April 13 on Caribbean Airlines Flight BW413 @ 0720am to Port of Spain

Barbados Flag Book the 'Mount Gay Sugar Caned' Tour of Brilliant Barbados

Trinidad & Tobago Flag The 1919 'Sugar Caned' TOUR of TREMENDOUS TRINIDAD

TOUR DATES: Arpil 13 - 21 (8 nights)
MATCHES: 2nd Test Match
MATCH DATES: April 15 - 19
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1690 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2330 pp
HOTEL: Hotel Normandie

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: April 13 on Caribbean Airlines Flight BW413 @ 0820am from Barbados
IMPORTANT: An entry visa is required (available for US$65 cash on arrival) for Australian passports

Welcome to your '1919 Sugar Caned Tour of Tremendous Trinidad'. When you lob into Trinidad's Piarco International Airport we will be waiting with beverage and transport to zip you through bustling Port of Spain to the leafy suburb of St Ann's adjacent the expansive Queen's Park Savannah across where many a cricket supporter has walked through the year's to and from Queen's Park Oval. It will have been 9-years since we walked that walk but we will do it again in 2012 as I'm sure it's still quicker than waiting in traffic around the Savannah!

Along with 2 dinner parties, for 8nights we will rock on in the Caribbean's largest city that is filled with dynamic bars, funky clubs, flashy casino's, and classic cricket at 'The Oval' where the staple lunch diet of chicken (or veg) roti (massive bread wrapped curry parcels) is the way to fill up before a long night on the tiles. Port of Spain isn't known for its beaches (Maracas Bay is the closest beachy playground and worth a 10km cab ride) so if not the pool at our superb hotel, immersing into its rhythmic people, heady music, and proud culture is how to enjoy Trini and its mother's milk like '1919 Sugar Cane'.

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: April 21 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0600am to Dominica

Trinidad & Tobago Flag Book the '1919 Sugar Caned' Tour of Tremendous Trinidad


TOUR DATES: April 21 - 28 (7 nights)
MATCHES: 3rd Test Match
MATCH DATES: April 23 - 27
TWIN SHARE: Aud$1690 pp (Land Only)
SINGLE: Aud$2330 pp
HOTEL: Fort Young Hotel

MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT: April 21 on LIAT Flight LI310 @ 0845am from Port of Spain

Welcome to your 'Macoucherie Sugar Caned Tour of Dynamic Dominica'. Landing in Dominica's Melville Hall Airport we welcome you to the 'Nature Island' with the world's highest concentration of volcanoes, and zip you to the quaint capital of Roseau through the Northern and Central Forest Reserves filled with dynamic waterfalls and hot springs.

The day before the game we have a rainforest adventure taking in Roseau's Botanic Gardens, a ride on the Ariel tram through the rainforest tree tops, loads of swimming under waterfalls, and a touch of hiking. Hiking Dominica's breathtaking (literally) interior has greater interest to many than the coral filled waters that the Caribbean reknown - if there is no cricket, but thankfully now there is.

The West Indies will host Australia in only the island's 2nd Test match at the new Windsor Park, a short walk from our fantastic west coast hotel where we'll kick back for 7 hot evenings. One night will include The Flag's cool Trivia event and an almost ubiquitous Karaoke session, and two Flag dinner parties. If the match ends early, we can take a ferry to a neighbouring island for lunch in another country washed down with new blend of Sugar Cane. All such highlights will need a volcano size bottle of 'Macoucherie Sugar Cane' to celebrate. You Beauty!!

MY DEPARTURE FLIGHT: April 29 on LIAT Flight LI361 @ 0810am to Barbados

Guyana Flag Book the 'Macoucherie Sugar Caned' Tour of Dynamic Dominica

St Vincent & Grenadines The RUM ROCKS 'Sugar Caned' TICKET & PARTY Only TOUR.

TOUR DATES: March 16 - April 27
MATCHES: All ODI/T20 & Test Matches
MATCH DATES: March 16 - April 27
1st TOUR OPTION: Aud$490 pp (for your first ODI/T20 or Test Match Option as above)
2nd T20 OPTION: Aud$240 pp (for your Barbados T20 Only)
EACH OTHER OPTION: Aud$390pp (for each additional ODI/T20 or Test Match Options as above) IMPORTANT: We don't offer single tickets for individual ODI's, T20's, or Test match days

We appreciate many people like to 'do their own thing', stay in cheaper hotels and travel independently, don't want to invest in a full tour, yet still want to enjoy the game with a group of like-minded people. To help you do so, we're happy to offer our Ticket & Party option for just Aud$490 for one Tour Option (Test or ODI/T20) and Aud$390 for each subsequent.

When you book this option, simply tell how many people are joining you for YOUR 1st Tour Option, and YOUR 2nd Tour Option. Use the additional information box to tell what what Tour Options you are joining us at and you will be quoted A$490 per person for the first option, and $390 per person for each additional option. If you have any queries before booking please do email The Flag first.

Guyana Flag Book the 'Rum Rocks Sugar Caned' Ticket and Party only Tour



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